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Ms.Jerry Raji is the founder of  Legend Holdings Ltd. an acdemic, profound intellect and a true blue blooded astute entreprenuer.
Leading the Company to greater heights of achievement in selected facet of business, Jerry, as she is fondly known, promotes and practices an uncompromised business culture of quality with products and services. Transparency in all business transactions and committment to corporate governance is Jerry' s forte.
Pivotal in the role of implementation of business strategies and the transcending change agenda  to enhance operational competitiveness,  within the company and the industry.
Structuring business strategies geared to achieve stable and sustainable long-term  growth, maximum cost efficiencies, combined risk assessment and management capabilities placing Legend Holdings Ltd. in an enviable  and reputatble position , coupled to proven track record of superior entrepreneurial eminence.
Started in the tax-free city of Dubai in the UAE, for more than twenty years and has built up an unparalled list of business assosiates and colleagues in the course of establishing unique opportunities in one of the worlds major financial hubs.



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