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Ms. Jerry Raji started in the Tax-free city of Dubai in the UAE, for more than twenty years and has built a business network with business associates regionally. Dubai is recognised as one of the worlds major financial hubs, as an asset management company in the Middle East. Legend Holdings Ltd. have access to unique opportunities to secure the best for any investors.

Within the Legend group that deal in Real Estate & Property, Fund Management, trading and  Media, we are more experienced in this region comparatively, we have invaluable broad based knowledge to part with when it comes to investment and ongoing management of our clients assets. 

We have twenty years of experience in off-shore business that we offer qualified  professional advise for your investment needs wherever you are in the world - London, New York, Moscow, Europe, India.

This open archtecture is structured for future business development.

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Email : info@legendholdingsltd.com

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