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Legend Assets and Fund Management is a private client wealth management business, managing segregated portfolios for exclusive clients in a variety of bespoke strategies suited to personal risk profile and overall financial situation.


Acquisition of wealth is a very different process to management of fiancial resources and capital preservation.There is a very different risk tolerance used for different financial events. Our broad based investment expertise allows us to educate our clients in a counsellary capacity, on selecting the appropriate assets and strategies for their specific needs. 


Legend aims at delivering long-term and sustainable growth by investing conservatively in these exciting yet realistic  markets where the return of investment is assured. Despite our extended experience and expertise over decades of such investment, Legend carrys out extensive and stringent research on the ground.


Legend is focused on investments in the real estate sector, principally managing commercial yield generating real estate and development projects. We stand for active asset management through independent thinking coupled to relevant products and services with open communication therebye delivering good investment outcomes that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

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