Jerry Raji has been based in the Tax-free city of Dubai in the UAE for more than twenty years and has built up an unrivalled list of influential friends and colleagues, so important in this region for any successful business to take place. Dubai is recognised as one of the worlds major inancial hubs. As an asset management company in the Middle East we have access to unique opportunities and we have the local connections needed to get the best for any investor.

Because we have companies within the group who deal in Real Estate and Media, we are more experienced in this region than most. For instance, we have been dealing with Real Estate and Property Management, particularly in Dubai for more than 12 years so we have an invaluable knowledge base to work with when it comes to investment and ongoing management of our clients assets. 

We have years of experience in off-shore business too, we can help you with your investment needs wherever you are in the world - London, New York, Moscow, Europe, India.

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